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How to Care for Crocodile Bags and Alligator Bags, Handbags, Purses

by InliorHandmade Leather 01 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Crocodile bags unquestionably captivate every observer. The leather boasts an elegantly patterned surface that exudes a subtle allure. Beyond its stylish sheen, the texture reveals a multitude of applications and facets, making it the Swiss army knife of leather breeds. The remarkably smooth crocodile belly serves as an exceptional foundation for crafting crocodile bags and purses. One of the key advantages of exotic leather lies in its exceptional versatility. Undoubtedly, crocodile bags and alligator bags carry a premium price tag. Therefore, they demand the utmost care to ensure they endure for generations to come.


Exterior Care: Never underestimate the significance of cleaning crocodile bags and alligator bags before conditioning. Employ a soft, dry cotton cloth, gently wiping it in a circular motion to remove oily fingerprints and dust. (Avoid using water or alcohol to prevent leather damage.) Take the time to perform this task thoroughly, including fixtures, metal parts, and, of course, the handle. It is not advisable to use saddle soap when cleaning exotic skin bags, as it is not suitable for scaly skin.


Interior Care: Begin by inspecting the bag's interior and removing all contents from pockets. Using an appropriate cleaner, meticulously clean and dust it off. The choice of cleaner depends on the interior material, which may be leather, vinyl, fabric, or suede. When applying spray cleaner to suede interiors, exercise extreme caution to avoid spillage onto the leather.


Conditioning: After cleaning the exterior of crocodile bags and alligator bags, apply conditioner specifically designed for exotic leathers. Numerous online stores offer high-quality leather bag cleaners. Opt for products free of silicone and wax, providing effective protection against cracks without hindering the leather's breathability. Apply a small amount of cleaner, rub it evenly with a soft cloth, leave the conditioner for a minute, and then thoroughly polish it off. Avoid using paper towels, as they may scratch the surface.


Stitch Care: Due to frequent use, dust may accumulate on the stitches and seams of crocodile bags and alligator bags. When dusting, use an extremely soft brush and proceed with caution to avoid weakening or breaking the old thread.


Zipper Maintenance: There may be instances where, for unknown reasons, the zipper gets stuck. The best solution is to gently rub candle wax directly onto it to loosen it.

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